Reuniting Old Friends Memories from School

Building an Online Alumni Network

They always say that school days are the best days of your life; you got to see your best friends everyday, turning up to your classes and handing your homework in on time were your only real responsibilities and there was nothing better than spending summer lunchtimes on the playing field.

So, when the time comes to leave, it's often a little shock for most – it becomes time to enter the real world where your friends aren't by your side 24-7 anymore, you take on larger responsibilities of work and bills, and your summer lunchtimes involve being stuck in that hot and stuffy office all day.

So, it's no wonder that so many of us cling onto our old school alumni communities to remember these fond memories. Whilst many schools may offer the format of regular newsletters to inform old school members of upcoming reunion events, others use portals on the school's current website to let members keep up-to-date with current news. And, well if your school hasn't got the latter, then it's time to get with the times, because sites such as can help you to create one for your past pupils. (more...)

How the Bruderhof Lives

The Bruderhof began in the early 1920Â's. They originally began their community movement in the country of Germany; however the community gradually dissipated and are now found in many different areas across the globe, with a majority of the communities found in the United States. The Bruderhof live by a certain standard that is different than the way in which most people live . While the bruderhof community tends to live in rural areas of the United States, they can also be found in more suburban areas like New York City. Communities that are found in big cities are typically much smaller.

This community lives by an entirely different set of rules than typical communities. Their community resembles closely to a socialistic society. This is because the Bruderhof do not own any of their own property; instead the community shares their property and goods with each other so no one ever has to struggle with being poor or not having anything to eat or drink.

The Bruderhof community is also required to be firm believers in Jesus Christ and the Christian religion, as their community forms their lifestyle around the early Christians and the Bible. (more...)

Finding the right words to express love

What is love? Is it an emotion, an action, a feeling, or a thought? For centuries, mankind has struggled to define love; however, there is no one definition of love. Everyone interprets love in his or her own way and as a result, everyone has his or her own definition of love. This however does not change the fact that love is real and that it is eternal. Love has always been with us and will always be with us no matter how we feel about it or how we define it.

Many believe in the Biblical definition of love where love is being described as being patient, kind and hopeful and not as envious, boastful or proud. There are many different types of love. There is the love that exists between a man and a woman, the love that exists between parents and their children, the love that exists between friends and the love that exists between man and his God.

Regardless of the type, love creates a bond between two or more individuals. This bone is linked by interdependence, intimacy and trust. Any relationship in which love exists is enhanced in so many different ways. Many say that love is universal and that is a fact. It does not matter who you are or where you love, what your race or religion may be, you can experience and express love. Expressing love can be difficult at times especially finding the right words to express the way you feel. Being aware of this, poets developed many beautiful phrases that can be used to express love. Some wonderful love phrases can be found at . (more...)


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and colour that you have always wanted and perhaps match the colour of your eyes to match with what you are wearing. Maybe you fancy going casual, maybe elegant or maybe it's all out party time. You are free to decide – it's your avatar. It's as simple as that. You are now on your way to make loving friendships , meeting new people and going out on dates. You never know – one date could be all it takes to meet the perfect mate. (more...)